Canadian Literature and Music

Canada is home to many artists, and they are artists that span many of the art forms. Two of these that are very popular are literature and music.

Literature in Canada

The two main languages spoken in Canada are English and French. These are also the most common language that the literature is found in. One of the favourite forms of literature to be enjoyed here is poetry.

Looking back at the history of poetry for the country, you can trace it back to those related to songs and hymns that are patriotic in nature. When it comes to publications, reference is often made to where the first literary journal was composed. It was called the Nova Scotia Magazine and was published in 1789.

The First Novel

It is said that the first novel with a Canadian setting can be traced back to the wife of a British chaplain who was serving in the military.

Music Industry in Canada

Music is a very important part of the arts in Canada and always has been. There is a vast collection of musical artists that cover almost every genre.

Examples of Great Canadian Musicians

Shawn Mendes

Thanks to the internet, Shawn was able to get his talents recognized early, just as the very famous Justin Bieber did. What stands out most about Shawn is his vocals and his guitar playing skills. He would fall into the category of pop-rock. Songs that he is known for are “Treat You Better” and “If I Can’t Have You.”

Gordon Lightfoot

Many who are not overly familiar with Canadian music artists do know the name of Gorden Lightfoot. He dates back to the sixties, but his music is appreciated as much today as it was back then. He is a folk artist and has received the Companion of the Order of Canada.