Horror Movie Festivals

Horror is one of the most popular film genres. It appeals to a large number of viewers for several reasons. Horror films allow audiences to experience fear and thrills in a safe and contained environment. The stories often deal with the fears of modern society. New horror films sometimes have their premiere at film festivals.


The FrightFest film festival was first established in 2000. The main focus of it was to screen all things related to horror. This included both new releases and older established classics. Over the years, the festival has attained a high level of acclaim from well known figures in the horror community. Actors and directors often host Q&A sessions during this annual event.

Many of the new films screened at FrightFest have gone on to have commercial success. Examples of this include The Descent, Drag Me To Hell and Cult Of Chucky. When older movies are screened, it gives people who worked on them the opportunity to talk to a live audience about it. The festival also sometimes has workshops and convention floors for the public to experience.


Dark Side Magazine is a popular publication dealing with the horror genre. It was first established in 1990. Throughout its history, the magazine has evolved and expanded. Eventually a festival called DarkFest was launched.

Unlike FrightFest, DarkFest focuses solely on classic films in the genre. These are mostly British titles from the 60s and 70s. There is an emphasis on movies made by the studios Hammer and Amicus.

The organisers also invite stars from classic horror to the festival. Sometimes they are given a special achievement award. Other times, the stars give a talk to the audience about their careers. DarkFest is fairly recent in its inception, but is already an important date in the calendar of horror fans.