Creating A Canadian Festival

Film festivals are places for moviemakers to screen their new work. Distribution companies attend them in order to look for films to purchase the rights to. People who wish to create their own film festival in Canada will need to deal with a number of factors.


The success of a Canadian film festival will mainly be determined by the amount of money funding it. One popular way to get funding is by attaining sponsors. Companies will provide funds in exchange for having their brand advertised at the event. Money may also be made by selling tickets to the festival.


Some festivals screen many different types of movies. However, to stand out from the crowd, it may be a better idea to focus on a specific genre. Horror is one popular example. It is best to choose one that appeals to a large number of people. That way attendance will hopefully be high.


Finding the right venue is also very important. There needs to be enough space to fit a large number of people. The venue should contain plenty of parking spaces as well. The logistical capabilities of the building will determine how effective it is at hosting film festivals.

Independent Or Mainstream

Independent films are a good choice because there is such a large variety to pick from. Unknown movie makers are always looking for festivals to screen their work. However, screening more well-known films is likely to garner a much greater degree of media attention.


No one is going to attend the festival unless it is marketed well. Advertising the event successfully is essential. The internet can be a great tool for letting fans of cinema know about the festival. Other options include buying ad time on television or the radio and space in print media publications.