Casino Movies

In modern times a lot of casinos can be played online. However, before the advent of internet gambling, brick and mortar establishments were very popular. Because of this, there have been many movies about casinos. These include a range of genres such as comedies, dramas, and action movies.


This 1995 crime drama was directed by Martin Scorsese. It follows a gangster who is tasked with running a casino in Las Vegas. The film shows the inner workings of casinos during the 1970s. The main character has to juggle succeeding in the gambling business and surviving personal conflicts.

Casino Royale

The early years of the iconic spy James Bond are explored in this reboot of the 007 franchise. Bond is tasked with infiltrating a high stakes poker game. He must win the game or risk the multi-million dollar prize money being awarded to criminals.

Rain Man

Rain Man is about a man who finds out he has an autistic brother. Together they go on a road trip that takes them to Las Vegas. They decide to make money by gambling. In modern times they could use for their gambling needs. However, since this movie was made in the 80s their only option is a brick and mortar casino.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson wrote the book that this film is based on. It is a semi-true account of his visit to Las Vegas during the late 60s. He explores a number of different casinos during his trip.

Vegas Vacation

This comedy film is part of the National Lampoons series. In it, the Griswold family decide to visit Las Vegas. When they get there they manage to win big by gambling. At the end of the story, they ride off in cars they have won.