The Arts in Canada

The arts industry in Canada is undoubtedly enormous, mostly because of the emphasis that Canadian residents place upon it. When polled, it was discovered that 87% believed that art, along with culture, helps to define who Canadians are.


The arts can be a difficult industry to sustain without the right support. It has been reported that volunteers have given 97 million hours of their time at no cost to support arts and culture.

Performing Arts

Within the category of arts, there are many sub-categories, and one of these is performing arts. Canadians are passionate about keeping this sector of the arts going strong because of what it contributes to the different communities. It brings many benefits, such as enhancing the lives of all those who get to watch it, while at the same time encouraging the performers to display their skills and talents.


Advocates for Canadian arts believe that they make a statement as to what Canada is about. One of the most important organizations that are there for support is the Canada Council for the Arts. They govern public funds to see that they land in the best hands for the most appropriate uses. These funds are disseminated to various artists and organizations. They are spread out among the different communities to make sure that every region of Canada does not suffer from not being able to enjoy the arts. This organization has been in existence since 1957. It plays a vital role in not only keeping the arts alive but encouraging its growth.

What is Available to Artists

Artists often struggle to make ends meet when they are devoting themselves to their chosen art full time. Canada has made sure that there are different financial programs in place to assist them, for example, grants and bursaries.