Most Impressive Art Galleries in Canada

If one wants to enjoy the arts in Canada, there are many different opportunities to do so that cover the various forms of creativity. One that always remains popular is art galleries. Here we have listed some within Canada that are considered to be the most impressive.

Winnepeg Art Gallery

This gallery has been around since 1912. It has gone through upgrades as needed, and it is a big attraction for those visiting Winnipeg. The collection of art here is comprised of almost 24,000 pieces. For those who are into contemporary art, they don’t need to go anywhere else to get their fill of it. The gallery rightly claims to have the most extensive public collection in the world. Here there are over 10,730 pieces to be enjoyed.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

This gallery can be found in Kleinburg, Ontario, which is only 45 minutes outside of the city of Toronto. What makes this gallery one of distinction is its collection of works from famous artists such as Tom Thomson, as well as the Group of Seven. The collection also includes works from the First Nations. While visiting here, a stroll can be taken along the paths of the Ivan Eyre Sculpture Garden. A visit to Tom Thomson’s shack can also be enjoyed. Then, one can stand in awe as hey visit the burial place of six of the Group of Seven.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The structure of the Art Gallery of Ontario is a work of art on its own. It is home to over 90,000 exhibits making it one of the largest in Canada for displaying Canadian art. Here one will find pieces created by Lawren Harris and several that were done by the Group of Seven.

While these are some of the most prominent galleries, numerous small privately-owned galleries can be visited in many of the Canadian provinces.